Frequently Asked Questions: For Job Seekers

What is Art$Work?

Art$Work is an online, searchable database of arts and cultural employment opportunities in Ohio. It is a free and efficient way for job seekers to connect with a wide range of Ohio’s arts and cultural employers.

Do I need to register to view current job openings?

No. The Ohio Arts Council created Art$Work with job seekers in mind to be simple, quick and free. Job seekers just choose their job search criteria and hit “Search.” Our database will deliver job descriptions and employer contact information for the positions that meet your criteria.

Do I need to be an Ohio resident to use Art$Work?


What types of jobs are offered on the site?

Art$Work includes a wide variety of listings in the arts from full- and part-time paid positions to internships and volunteer opportunities in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Most opportunities will be for professional positions within arts organizations—including theatres, galleries, museums, arts centers, performing arts organizations and presenting organizations. However, non-arts organizations with arts opportunities are also encouraged to provide listings. Listings will range from entry-level to executive.

Does Art$Work connect me directly with an employer?

No. Art$Work offers a searchable database of opportunities currently available in the arts in Ohio. All of our job listing offer contact information so that you can directly send your resume/cover letter to the potential employer. Art$Work does not act as an active intermediary between job seekers and job posters.

I want to contact the company directly; how can I acquire their telephone number?

Art$Work provides only the contact information provided by the organization posting the job opportunity. If a telephone number is not listed, the company has not supplied one. We do not require that companies provide phone numbers in their contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions: For Employers

What kinds of employers can post their listings here?

Art$Work was created by the Ohio Arts Council to connect Ohio arts and cultural organizations with job seekers. Any non-profit or for-profit arts organization, or non-arts organization with arts jobs, can post employment opportunities.

Is there a fee for this service?

No. Art$Work is a free service of the Ohio Arts Council.

How do I register and receive a password?

Go to the following site and select "Organization Logon." From there, you will be able to register and create a user name and password.

Once I submit my registration request, how long must I wait before I can submit a posting?

You will receive an email from us within two business days informing you if your registration is approved. Once your registration is approved, you can begin posting jobs immediately.

Can I post a job listing if my organization is not in Ohio?

Yes. Art$Work is a service that is dedicated to filling positions in Ohio’s cultural sector and to keeping talented people in – or bringing them to – Ohio. As long as an organization’s programmatic activity primarily involves Ohio citizens or takes place in Ohio, an employer can list with Art$Work.

Is there a limit to how many job listings I can make or to how long a posting can run?

No. Once an organization is registered, they may submit as many job listings as often as they would like. A listing may run for as long as the organization chooses, although the Ohio Arts Council retains the right to remove any listing at any time it deems appropriate.

How long does it take for my job listing to be seen on the Web site?

Job listings are automatically posted on the start date that you select.

Is there a character limit to the length of a job posting?

Yes. Job descriptions are limited to 3000 characters. However, additional sections are provided for organizations to describe desired job qualifications (2400 characters maximum) and to explain how candidates may apply for the position (2400 characters maximum).

I would like the posting to run for four weeks. How do I set a timeframe for the posting?

When you create a job listing, you will be asked to set the start and end dates of the posting.

How do I edit a current job posting?

You may log in and edit your postings at any time. However, you may want to inform anyone who has applied prior to your edits of any changes.

How can I edit my employer profile?

You may log in and edit your employer profile at any time.

My company has/ hasn’t yet filled the position. How can I remove/ add weeks to the posting?

Simply log in and change the end date of your posting to the current date to cause it to expire, or contact the Ohio Arts Council to remove the posting immediately.

My organization already lists job opportunities on our Web site. How do I list this? Can I connect with your site?

In the section on how candidates may apply for your posting, please let them know you require that they apply online and include the Web address for the appropriate site. You may also create a link from your site to this site.

I am searching for my job posting online and it doesn’t appear.

Log in and check the start and end dates for your posting. If these appear to be correct and the posting still does not appear, please contact

How can I change my password?

You may log in and change your password at any time.

I’ve forgotten the password for my account? What do I do?

Go to the main page and select "Forgot Existing Logon Information." We will send you your information by email.

What happens to my job listing after it reaches the “end date?”

Following the end date, job listings are no longer available on the public Web site. However, organizations can continue to access their old postings and update them for future postings if they wish.

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